Govt to send special flight for students stuck in Wuhan

struck students in Wuhan

Govt to send a special flight for students stuck in Wuhan. Pakistan’s ambassador to China Naghmana Hashmi has said that the government has decided to send a special flight to bring Pakistani students from Wuhan.

The Pakistani ambassador said that the decision not to bring students back from Wuhan during the epidemic was very difficult but time proved that the decision was right.

“At a time when the whole world was ejecting its people from China, we trusted China because we trusted in China’s capabilities so that Pakistani students could be treated better there,” Hashmi said.

She said that this was the reason why no case of transfer of Corona from China was reported in Pakistan while no Pakistani was killed by Corona in China.

She added that after the end of the Corona epidemic, the Chinese city of Wuhan has been opened to the world, and a special flight will be launched to bring Pakistani students stuck in Wuhan.

She said that Pakistan is being fully supported by the people and institutions of China and medical equipment and other supplies are being supplied by air.

Earlier this year, China locked down the entire province of Hubei, including Wuhan, the alleged epicenter of the Corona epidemic, during which more than 500 Pakistani students were stranded.

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