Govt releases asset details of Special Assistants to PM Imran Khan

asset details of special assistants

Govt releases asset details of Special Assistants to PM Imran Khan. Details of assets of 15 special assistants and advisers were released on the instructions of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

According to the details received, out of 15 special assistants and advisors, 5 are dual nationals and two are green cardholders.

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Asset details of Special Assistants to PM Imran Khan

Who is a citizen of which country?

Special Assistant for Overseas Pakistani Zulfi Bukhari holds permanent British citizenship, Special Assistant for Parliamentary Assistance Nadeem Afzal Chan Canada, Special Assistant for Power Division Shehzad Qasim and Special Assistant for Petroleum Nadeem Babar hold US citizenship, while Special Assistant for Digital Pakistan Tania Aidrus is a citizen of Canada and Singapore.

Similarly, Special Assistants for the National Security Division, Moeed Yousef, and Shahbaz Gil are US green cardholders.

Asset Details of special Assistants to PM:

Zulfi Bukhari (Special Assistant for Overseas Pakistanis)

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Overseas Pakistan Zulfi Bukhari has no assets in Pakistan but in London, he owns assets worth crores of rupees.

Zulfi Bukhari’s parents gifted him two lands in 2006 and 2007. He received 1210 Kanals and more than 91 Kanals of land in Attock as a gift, while also inherited plots in Islamabad. In 2014, four more plots were received from Nanihal.

Shahbaz Gil (Special Assistant for Political Communication / Sania Nishtar (Special Assistant for Social Security and Awareness Program)

Special Assistant Shahbaz Gil’s total assets are worth Rs 150 million while Sania Nishtar owns gold worth Rs 500,000, a car while she has Rs6.5 million in her bank account and owes Rs2.3 million. 

Shahzad Akbar (Special Assistant for Accountability)

Special Assistant for Accountability Shehzad Akbar has assets worth Rs. 65 lakh in his name and Rs. 13 lakh in his wife’s name. He has movable property worth Rs. 45 million and Rs. 70 lakh in his wife’s name.

Shehzad Qasim (Special Assistant for Power Division)

Shehzad Qasim owns three plots worth Rs 60 lakh in Lahore, while he owns plots worth Rs 35 lakh in Gwadar. Also, he owns a total of six properties in the United States and the United Arab Emirates. He has Rs 40 million in cash in various banks. 

Ali Nawaz Awan (Special Assistant to Capital Development Authority)

Ali Nawaz Awan owns properties worth Rs. 37.1 million in Islamabad, while he also owns immovable property worth Rs. 13.1 million. He also owns 75 tons of gold.

Usman Dar (Special Assistant for Youth Affairs)

Usman Dar has Rs 711,000 and Rs 34.3 million in cash in his bank accounts. He owns a business worth Rs 6.7 million and has invested more than Rs 20 million. Usman Dar inherited a 40-Kanal house in Murree and a two-Kanal house in Sialkot.

Nadeem Afzal Chan (Spokesperson to the Prime Minister and Special Assistant for Parliamentary Cooperation)

Nadeem Afzal Chan owns agricultural property worth Rs. 69.84 million, while he also owns three plots worth Rs. 94 lakh and immovable property worth Rs. 57 lakh.

Shehzad Arbab (Special Assistant to the Establishment)

Similarly, Shehzad Arbab owns assets worth Rs 10 crore and has Rs 57 lakh in his bank account.

Nadeem Babar (Special Assistant for Petroleum Division)

Nadeem Babar owns properties worth Rs 129.7 million in Pakistan and owns a house worth Rs 31 million in the United States, as well as various businesses worth Rs 2.15 billion. Nadeem Babar’s business assets outside Pakistan are worth around Rs. 137.7 million. He owns two vehicles worth Rs. 3.6 million. He has Rs. 300,000 in cash and a prize bond of Rs. 900,000. There are Rs. 166 million in bank accounts.

Abdul Hafeez Sheikh (Finance Advisor)

According to the details released, Finance Advisor Abdul Hafeez Sheikh does not have foreign citizenship. His assets are worth Rs 297 million while he is in debt of Rs 290 million.

Abdul Razzaq Daud (Business Advisor)

Abdul Razzaq Dawood’s assets are worth Rs 1.75 billion while Malik Amin Aslam’s assets are worth Rs 1.44 million.

Tania Aidrus (Special Assistant for Digital Pakistan)

Tania Aidrus owns houses worth Rs 452.6 million in the US, UK and Singapore, while she has invested Rs 1.25 crore abroad. Tania transferred 95 95,789 to Pakistan and asked for money for other expenses, including buying a car. She bought a car worth Rs 82 lakh, while she has 50 tons of gold. Tania does not own any real estate in Pakistan.

Declaration of Asset details of Special Assistants to PM is a new precedent in the history of Pakistan.