Government has fixed matters with social media companies


The government’s continued efforts to bring social media under control bear fruits, after which the social media companies ensured the immediate removal of offensive content from their platform.

According to details, government issues were resolved with Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, under which the three major companies agreed to remove the offending content from social media immediately. Companies have been contacted by the government of Pakistan to prevent the contents of blasphemy.

According to the report, the government introduced a new system that would not only ensure the online prevention of offensive content but also remove such videos from the internet and take action against the relevant person under Pakistani laws.

In this regard, the government issued an ‘SRO’, which began on January 21, under which social media companies would abide by Pakistani laws and open their offices in Pakistan.

According to the SRO, if the contemptuous material was not removed even after the complaint was filed, the government of Pakistan would impose a fine of Rs.5 million on the companies.

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