GEO suspends its contract with Khalil ul Rehman Qamar


Geo Tv suspends its contract with Khalil ul Rehman Qamar. The channel demanded an apology from Khalil ul Rehman. Some of the anchors of Geo TV loudly spoke against Khalil Ul Rehman Qamar.

The writer clearly denied to apologise and told in the video clip on his Facebook that “I spit on Geo TV and urged fans to stay with me in this difficult time”


He further said that he is now devoted to fight with feminists and public is his strength.

The writer has given his verdict on cancelling contract with Geo TV as well the writer said,

” Geo TV has cancelled it’s contract with me on not apologising that low life lady who is on a mission to spread obscenity and western culture in Pakistan.


I place the Geo’s agreement at the tip of my shoe. I write for the public. The public is with me.

I will never apologize to an unfaithful woman. “

His tweet reads,

“‏جیو نے میرے ساتھ کیا معاہدہ معطل کردیا کہ میں دو ٹکے کی عورت سے معافی مانگوں جو پاکستان میں بےحیائی پھیلانے نکلی ہے

جیو کے معاہدے کو جوتے کی نوک پر رکھتا ہوں میں عوام کیلئے لکھتا ہوں عوام میرے ساتھ ہےبہت جلد بے حیائی کیخلاف ڈرامہ آن ائیر ہوگا

بےحیا عورت سے معافی نہیں مانگونگا”

The public on the other hand, lending its support to the writer. The polls on twitter about Marvi Sarmad and KRQ are showing up results in favour of KRQ. It is worth mentioning here that on twitter Boycott Geo is the top trend.

Let us tell you that Media/showbiz and public both are on different pages. The public is against Aurat March that is why lending full support to Khalil ul Rehman Qamar.

Media always support feminism but there is a divide on media on this too, Qurat ul ain Baloch , Hamza firdous and Ahmad Ali Butt loudly spoke against the slogans of Aurat March.


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