Coke Studio 2020 Vs Funk Folk by Tahir Abbas

Tahir Abbas
Tahir Abbas is a super talented Pakistani Singer, Composer and musician who won our hearts with his folk album named as "Funk Folk"

Music Industry in Pakistan is rushed with content nowadays. We see emerging Pakistani Singers releasing singles and Brands initiating high budgeted musical seasons almost everyday. Coke Studio Pakistan is considered as the best music program of Pakistan since 2008. But suprisingly an individual artist named Tahir Abbas emerged as a lone torch bearer of Punjabi Folk Music by his Punjabi Folk Season “Funk Folk”

For years, we have been listening to coke studio and enjoying the cultural portrayal in many ways. But Did we ever wonder what makes all this happen. Well, according to a recent report, Coke Studio has spent more than $4 Billion in the past 5 years. In contrast, the viral Pujabi Funk Folk Musical Season by Tahir Abbas is produced in a minimal budget yet excecuted very creatively.

The lively and entertaining visuals, rhyming lyrics and a combiation of sweet and melodious voice is what makes Funk Folk loveable. Funk Folk by Tahir Abbas has garnered more than 50 Million views organically on YouTube and other social media platforms. Such a huge success with no heavy marketing budgets or brand sponsors. It’s quite evident that the content itself is the main catch of this whole Album.

About Tahir Abbas & Funk Folk

Tahir Abbas is an extremely talented and emerging singer from Lahore
Pakistan. He has been struggling hard in the music industry for the last 8
years. Tahir completed his music diploma from PNCA Lahore. Tahir Abbas
sang his first song in 2013 for GEO tv & he released his first single “Dhola”
in 2016.

Tahir Abbas

Now he released an album “Funk Folk” containing 4 songs

The first song “Multan” was released on 25 sep, 2020. Multan was loved by Millions of fans.

“Motorway” was released on 17 oct, 2020, third song “Pyaar” was released
on 7 Nov, 2020

Another promising song from the season Funk Folk was Pyaar in which Tahir Abbas Featured a talented female voice Rafeel Ijaz

The fourth song of this Folk Album was named as Inkaar. Tahir Abbas featured Afifa Butt in this track,

This album is far among the best of the country and surely competes with
any big name season in Pakistan. This Folk album has successfully made a
prominent place in the Pakistani Music Industry. The collaboration of
emerging singers and seasoned music directors has made “Funk Folk” a
feat to remember.

Coke Studio Season 13 Vs Funk Folk

Coke Studio season 13 is released in 2020 just as “Funk Folk”. Coke
Studio is a highly budget show, they promote their show using different
resources. With well reputed producers, singers, heavy funding and
advertising policies but still they’re unable to grab the audience attention and favor.

But on the other hand Tahir Abbas’s “Funk Folk” is breaking the media
through his sincere effort and without any brand or any sponsor. There is
no big production company or producer involved, but still Funk Folk is
breaking all records. This album has trended on YouTube in the subcontinent for almost a month. There are almost 50 million views and 10
million postings on Instagram, WhatsApp, and other social networking sites
in the form of statuses. In fact, many well known singers sang his songs at
their music concerts without knowing who is the actual singer of these
songs?. So this is the real Pakistani talent who needs no advertisements
and heavy budget.

Tahir Abbas

This is a great motivation and message for all the upcoming musicians that
you don’t need to wait for an opportunity to knock your doors instead go and create an opportunity using social media platforms. If you are
passionate, dedicated and believe in your talent, nothing can stop you from
getting the appreciation, fame and love from the audience.

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