French Technical Team Arrives For PIA Plane Crash Probe

PIA plane crash

To assist in the investigation of the PIA plane crash, an Airbus team visited the crash site and inspected the wreckage and destroyed houses. The team will take the black box and engine of the crashed plane with them to France.

According to details, the investigation into the PIA plane crash is underway. An 11-member team of French Airbus experts arrived in Pakistan. The team reached Karachi on a special flight “AIB 1888” and visited the crash site. There are also members of the PIA, Civil Aviation, and Investigation Committee.

The Aircraft Accident and Investigation Board and the CAA briefed the aircraft manufacturer Airbus experts and the investigation team briefed the French team on all the investigations and developments so far.

The investigation team of PIA Plane crash briefed about the black box and voice data recorder found in the plane. Both the devices which are very important in the investigation of the plane crash will be handed over to the Airbus team.

Both devices will be cordoned off by Airbus, after which the captain and vice-captain will be heard talking in detail from the time of departure to the moment of departure of the aircraft, while in-flight air traffic controllers of different regions will also be heard.

The black box de-code will also determine how the two captains used the plane’s interior equipment from takeoff to landing, and will also help review how the cockpit crew fixed the Airbus. The extent to which the procedure was performed.

The Airbus team inspected the wreckage of the crashed plane and inspected the plane’s engines, landing gear, wings, and flight control system. The team also captured photos and videos.

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