Film star Meera Replied to her scandal

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Film star Meera replied to her scandal on her Instagram.

Film star Meera says that being a Pakistani it is her right to appeal to the Prime Minister of Pakistan to bring her back to Pakistan. She said that the Embassy of Pakistan is aware of her where abouts in USA so those who have twisted my video towards a scandal should not do that in this time of crises.

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She also said that the BBQ party video was recorded 4 weeks ago at her Dad’s house in USA .

She said that she really wants to be back home soon because today 500 people died of Corona in USA which has really terrified her.

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She said that she want to take part in charity when she will be back home.

Previously, she made a video on requesting Prime Minister to bring her back but it was trolled, some said she reads out script, some said she is partying and some said she is living along with her husband. The actress said it’s not justified to twist the real issue.

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