Feroze Khan thinks social media has ruined lives

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Feroze Khan thinks social media has ruined lives, people who are worthless are judging people on the basis of characters which is ridiculous

Feroze Khan is a great actor, he has a long list of followers that count in millions. The actor has been an integral part of showbiz industry for a longer period  but lately the actor announced to quit showbiz to pursue his passion to follow an Islamic path.

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Feroze Khan

In start Feroz Khan was being trolled on his acting skills but the actor proved himself in Khaani and after that he never looked back being an actor.

Feroze Khan formerly deactivated his Instagram account for a while, and in his interview, he shared that social media has damaged everything in society.

The Ishqiya actor shared, “I think social media has ruined everything it has made us distant from each other.”

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He further said “We are so accustomed to typing that we think we have not spoken those words and we end up writing any bad thing without thinking about its consequences,” he said.

Feroze Khan questioned and said, “What kind of people are they who write such hateful things?”

He opened up about social media many times, the actor says that the people who are not successful in their lives are behind the keyboard and judging and bashing you is a ridiculous idea.

He thinks awful for judgemental people and said, “I feel bad for such people and these people have no idea that problems in their life are coming because they are openly criticizing others.”

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Feroze Khan

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