Feroze Khan is not happy with TikTOK


The brilliant and very talented actor Feroze khan is not happy with the TikTok application and the way it is being used. 

Feroze Khan has also been very vocal about the issues that bother the society.

The tiktok users go out of the way to get viral on social media. Many of the young boys indulged in accidents showing the driving speed whilst driving.

Now a days, a girl on social media is becoming famous on making tiktoks outside graveyards , tombs and Mosques, the girl dressed up in Islamic attire and posts her videos on Tiktok.

Well the pictures of the same girl are shared by Feroze Khan on Twitter , claiming that Tiktok is a cancer  .


Many of the fans responded that there is no harm in using tiktok but misusing it is destructive.

Well, all these applications need to be used with a lot of responsibility. 

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