Feroz Khan is distributing Rashan bags to daily wages workers


Froze Khan is distributing the Rashan bags to the daily wage workers and the needy amid corona quarantine days.

The actor has urged people to contribute either Rashan bags or money in order to take part in the charity which is much needed for the daily wages workers who are stuck at home. 

The actor has already distributed a lot of bags in collaboration with welfare trust Nurain


The actor has been part of charitable contribution in collaboration with the welfare trusts so that in case of lock down or self isolation the poor and needy people will survive with ease.


To all the privileged people, it is requested by almost all of our actors to please contribute either food or money so that the things will smoothly run for them in lock down in Karachi.

Nomi Ansari is also taking part in distributing Rashan bags to the deserving people at this crucial time.

Actress Mansha Pasha also contributing in charity, the welfare trusts in Karachi are doing their job very well.

We urge everyone to do whatever you can in your capacity to help out the daily wage workers

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