Federal Govt considering complete Lockdown after Eid ul Fitr

complete lockdown

Federal Govt is considering complete Lockdown after Eid ul Fitr. The federal government has allowed businesses to open before Eid and has now signaled another lockdown after Eid.

Dr. Zafar Mirza, Special Assistant to PM Imran Khan for Health, said that the number of Corona cases is increasing in Pakistan. Pakistanis may be realizing that Corona was only till Eid.

Talking to media, Special Assistant to PM for Health Zafar Mirza further said that it is too early to say when the corona will end in Pakistan. About 37,700 corona patients are currently undergoing treatment in Pakistan.

He said that the number of corona cases in Pakistan is gradually increasing. There are 56,349 confirmed cases of corona in Pakistan. If irresponsibility is shown, it may have to be locked down again. There may be a complete lockdown after Eid.

Zafar Mirza said that precautionary measures are not being taken in the markets. The testing capacity could not be increased as we wanted. I tell the people to prevent the disease, not to spread. It was observed on Eid that SOPs are not being implemented.

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