Federal Cabinet Approves Anti Smuggling ordinance

Anti Smuggling ordinance

Federal Cabinet approves Anti Smuggling Ordinance. Federal Cabinet has approved the ordinance through the circulation summary. Hoarders will be sentenced a maximum of 14 years imprisonment.

Under the ordinance, the identifier of the stores will be rewarded with 10% of the value of the confiscated items. According to details, the anti smuggling ordinance includes the storage of tea, sugar, milk, powdered milk, children’s food, vegetable oil, juice, syrup, pulses, salt, potatoes, and onions.

Also, stocking of fish, meat, eggs, jaggery, condiments, vegetables, red pepper, herbs, kerosene, rice, wheat, and flour are also included in the ordinance while masks including N95 masks, sanitizers are included in the ordinance.

The ordinance of hoarders to face 3 to 14 years imprisonment will currently be applicable in the Federal Capital Territory of Islamabad. The federal cabinet has approved the ordinance through a circulation, after which the ordinance has been sent to the President for signature.

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