Father of Martyred pilot Sajjad Gul rejects PIA inquiry

Pilot Sajjad Gul

Father of Martyred pilot Sajjad Gul rejects PIA inquiry. Gul Muhammad Bhatti, father of Captain Sajjad Gul, the pilot of the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane that crashed in Karachi, has lashed out at the PIA administration.

Sajjad Gul’s father says that the PIA is conducting its inquiry and making its own decisions. We have no trust on the PIA’s inquiry. The father of PIA pilot Sajjad Gul held a press conference with Punjab Governor Muhammad Sarwar at his residence in Lahore.

On this occasion, he said that he trusts the assurance of the governor. The PIA is conducting its own inquiry and blaming the pilot for the leakage itself. My son completed 17,000 flight hours. He was a pilot who completed the work with confidence. There should be no talk before the black box report came.

On this occasion, Governor Punjab Chaudhry Sarwar said that the martyrdom of all passengers including Captain Sajjad Gul require that justice should be done. I have known the family of Captain Sajjad for many years. Three brothers are in Glasgow. Sajjad Gul was an honest and dedicated person.

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