Faryal Mehmood and Daniyal Raheel got married

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Faryal Mehmood and Daniyal Raheel Tied the Knot. Both the actors were good friends. Faryal was seen with the family of Daniyal Raheel many times, not only that she loved and adored the bond with Daniyal Raheel and his family. Fans really appreciated their decision. They did the Nikkah function in a simple small gathering with family and a few friends. Mahreen Raheel, Seemi Raheel and their family could be seen in the videos.

Faryal Mehmood

Mahreen Raheel has posted pictures of wedding, we will keep on updating the pictures.

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Here we congratulate the couple on their wedding day, it is indeed a beautiful news among these chaotic days.

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Faryal Mehmood
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Mehreen Raheel on brother’s Nikkah Ceremony
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