Farhan Saeed sends prayers to PM Imran Khan

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Farhan Saeed has prayers for Faisal Edhi and PM Imran Khan.

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Pm Imran Khan

Faisal Edhi , son of Sir Abdul Sattar Edhi meets Imran Khan to give him a cheque for his relief fund. He has also come positive for covid-19 which caused worry among everyone because Faisal Edhi was in Islamabad and met PM Imran Khan and many other people. He wasn’t also wearing masks, neither were the masks worn by any of the officials including PM Imran Khan but they were all standing with distance.

Farhan Saeed sends Prayers to Imran Khan (Covid-19)

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Farhan Saeed

The singer said that he is praying for Faisal Edhi and he is also worried for PM Imran Khan as well. He further said Pm and his officials need to be more careful . The singer wrote on Twitter:

Imran Khan Corona test

PM Imran Khan has also undergone the test for covid-19 and the results have come out negative .

We pray that Faisal Edhi recovers soon.

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