Farhan Saeed is sad about Hajj 2020’s cancellation


Farhan Saeed is appalled and scared that amid corona virus outbreak Saudi Government has abandoned Hajj e Baitullah in year 2020 as precautionary measures , which is alarming for us as a Muslim.

Nobody could ever think about it but in these worrisome times , Saudi government’s act was the need of hour.


Farhan Saeed further said that it is high time we all should think as a unit and learn and act as a responsible human, we should work to save humanity.

Farhan Saeed tweeted,

” Just found out #Hajj this year got canceled,  this is so so  heartbreaking  šŸ™ Ya Allah Reham !!
I hope we all humans for once think as a unit and be responsible, to save humanity. 
Stay in, stay safe 



We pray that good days to come back and everything including religious activities to start again . Well it is a kind of matter on which all the Muslims have gotten sad and emotional. Hoping for the good days and praying should be the best practice in this time . We are happy that our celebrities are too sensitive in this regard too.


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