Fans will love Me and Mahira in a dance number , Fahad Mustafa


Fahad Mustafa is one of our leading film actors. The actor has just appeared in an interview with Momin Munshi. Fahad Mustafa spilled the beans about his upcoming film Quaid-e-azam Zindabad. He said  ” Fans will witness a great dance number of Mahira Khan along with me “

He further said that he has a great chemistry with Javed Sheikh which actually worked for him. He said that he enjoys with male actors and crew in his team because they are more professional and committed when it comes to work.


He further revealed that he doesn’t want to comment on non-issues like Khalil ul Rehman Qamar and Marvi Sarmad , instead he said that he really wanted to speak about the legend Aman Ullah when he wasn’t given the place for grave by the housing authority .  He said that he really wanted to thank Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan on tackling that issue so well.

Fahad Mustafa also said ,”  I hate social media completely, “

he future said , ” I often write something on Twitter and remove it just because I get afraid of posting it as people always create fuss out of it “

He said that TikTok is a wild addiction and it has become a curse where people don’t actually realize what they are doing to themselves by disturbing others peace of mind. The actor claimed that he avoids interviews because anchors smell controversies only.


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