Fans think that Hania Amir’s surgery has gone wrong

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Fans think that Hania Amir’s surgery has gone wrong. They also showed their dislike for her new haircut.

Fans think that the beauty of actress was in her natural looks in which she used to look of her age, now the actress is looking elder.

The new photos and videos of Haniya Amir are making rounds on social media website Instagram  . The fans said that the new look of actress has taken away her charm and the honor of her being a ‘flawless beauty’.

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Hania Amir

Well, yes she is absolutely looking different in the new photo released on her Instagram account, and her fans have been commenting on this photo.

So the majority of the fans community says that Haniya has undergone surgery which has gone wrong and has eliminated her natural beauty.

One user said that Haniya Amir is looking aged in her new videos.

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Hania Amir

Someone said:’ The drawback of surgery, you are no longer beautiful’ ,

The actress has been going successful so far with two dramas that are currently going on air.

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Hania Amir