Fans think that Ahad should work with all actresses


Is Ahad Raza Mir not comfortable in doing romance with other actors, he currently , is not changing his work team and only found working with specific people and actors . Fans loved his on screen appearance with Alizay Shah as it was a real change that fans wanted to see. Saad was too powerful but the chemistry between the couple seemed a bit distant throughout the drama instead the chemistry between the friends seemed much solid and real than with the wife whereas in yeh dil mera the chemistry between Sajal and Ahad is legit .  The romance of Rani with her husband was so real because Zara did it brilliantly fearless. Ahad Raza Mir’s three dramas are with Sajjal and two with Mawra.

Even mostly the fans have said that the romance between Alizay and Ahad Raza Mir is Sajjal approved because it was totally off. On the other hand Yaqeen Ka Safar, yeh dil mera and Angan were entirely loaded with emotional intensity .


The last scenes in Ehd e Wafa were focused on the SSG group (friends )and there was no significant dialogue and romance scene between Saad and Dua. It seemed that Ahad is only comfortable acting with Sajjal but fans think that if he wants to really excel in his craft and skills like Noman Ijaz, Faysal Quraishi, Adnan Siddiqui and Aijazz Aslam, he will have to play fearlessly the way Sajjal Aly acts in her roles. He also needs to change his pair because actor never witnesses hit after hit with a real life couple, fans want change.


Ahad’s romance with Sajjal is far more powerful than he does with other actresses, which is natural but an actor is beyond any restriction and fear also he doesn’t even change his team. Many of the fans and actors have suggested him to act out of his comfort zone.  Faysal Quraishi once also said he needs to change team, rather work with everyone . His craft is amazing but his team is same .Ahad should get fearless if he wants to be a versatile actor. We have an example of  Nauman Ijaz who had always been married but he did romance with actresses of all ages , it actually turned him into powerhouse of acting.


What do you think, should Ahad explore his craft by experimenting or just work with Sajal for long?

We are biggest Sajal and Ahad fans but want them to come more and more , together as on screen couple and with other actors as well.


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