Fans of Ruswai aren’t happy with the twist in story


Fans of Drama Serial Ruswai are not happy with the writer’s shift from Sameera to Wardah however, fans seem convinced with the acting skills of Meekal Zulfiqar ,Sana Javed and the rest of the cast.

The fans say that the total focus and the plot of drama have been shifted from Rape and Sameera to Watta Satta and Wardah, where the zero-tolerance from Wardah’s husband and in-laws , twisted the plot altogether.


The fans are not even liking the attitude of Sameera where her character is confused about what it ( charachter) is really doing. Sana Javed’s acting is being praised a lot. Rubina Ashraf’s directorial drama has grabbed the attention of the viewers but now it seems that it has been dragged and getting away from the real issue.


However, the director claims that it is how the writer wanted it to be, she didn’t influence the story.

The director replied to a rude comment in which the fan accused the writer of shifting focus from Sameerah to Wardah.


Fans have praised Sharmeen’s acting in the drama where she is performing her negative character so well.

Well let us see how it ends  , the fans are looking forward to the drama desperately.


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