The Naat video of Meera is getting praised by fans


The Prayer video of Meera is getting much praise by fans.

Fans loved Meera’s dua and Naat Recitation video.

Meera has posted a special video on her Instagram which is related to the current situation, the actress is reciting and found praying for the ease in current scenario and other difficulties. She recited Junaid Jamshed’s naat ‘ Mera Dil Badal Day’ which was really famous. Meera recited it with utmost respect and love which was highly appreciated by her fans.


Fans were really positive about her initiative of reciting prayers, mostly fans were of the view that it is good to pray, no one knows whose supplications are accepted in these tough times.


Previously, Meera has been posting videos about the current situation. Well it’s quite evident that these current situations have really changed our actors and they have started taking things from religious point of view, which is good and motivating for us.

Here is Meera’s video, we are sure you are gonna like it.

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