Fans criticised Reema on addressing about Corona and attending party


Film star Reema has been criticized by fans on not abiding by her own piece of advise about Corona Pandemic.

The actress previously, in her video message urged people to.stay safe and avoid the public gatherings.

The actress said,

“In this catastrophic time, in this difficult moment, I understand we all are scared and nervous. Don’t be panic. Use your wisdom and try to defeat this monster virus.

May Allah bless us all, forgive our sins, keep us safe, guide us, give us wisdom, soften our hearts and most of all eliminate this monstrous disease from the face of this earth ameen.

Stay safe, stay strong, stay clean and over all don’t forget we only live by letting others live. Lots and lots of love, positive vibes, hugs and prayers



Reema’s message is indeed helpful and sympathetic towards humanity but when you are a public figure you are under the immediate scrutiny of fans.

The actress when uploaded the pictures from a wedding anniversary gathering, she was dealt harshly by the fans.


A fan wrote that ” Reema giving lecture on avoiding public gathering is attending parties her self “

There were a lot of other comments in which fans called out her.


Well, it is not only Reema but all the actors are being criticised by the fans who have focused on travelling and didn’t cancel their trips.

Humayun Saeed, Adnan Siddique, Sana Fakhar, Javed Sheikh and many other actors are abroad for their engagements and fans aren’t happy at all with their irresponsible behaviour as celebrities .


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