Famous Indian comedy actor Rajpal Yadav is angry at extremist Indians

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Famous Indian comedy actor Rajpal Yadav is angry at extremist Indians.

Addressing to the Indian people in a video message released on the social networking site Twitter, Indian actor Rajpal Yadav said that India is known because of its people in the world. “But what is happening to our people?” He asked.

Rajpal Yadav

He expressed his sadness on people’s extremist behavior, he said that 100 or 200 people jump on the old people like donkeys. He asked, “Can anyone be beaten to death this way ?”

Rajpal Yadav said that do not do this and remember that the relationship of Faith and trust is bigger than the relationship of blood . He warned that the day the bond of trust between the people is broken, it would be scary to live afterwards .

Rajpal Yadav

Do you think  the life is that worthless?” He asked. He claimed that you are not even one percent who is defaming and embarrassing the whole of India all over the world. “Live for yourself and let others live as well ,” he said.

Indian actor Rajpal Yadav, in a regular video message, folded his hands in front of people and told the people that you humiliate India all over the world. He asked don’t embarrass yourself and do not embarrass others.

In his video message, Rajpal Yadav said that make the identity of our country alive in a positive manner and don’t do what you are doing.

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