Fahad Sheikh – A Star to watch out for!

Fahad Sheikh Dramas
Fahad Sheikh - a cocktail of bursting talent, has come a long way ahead as an actor to watch out for in the midst of Pakistani drama serials.

Fahad Sheikh began his career as a host with his fashion oriented show ’’11 Number’’ which aired on the channel Style 360. The show made its name as a leading fashion guide show amongst the youth for their knowledge on fashion and style trends including tips and ratings on fashion sense of the young generation.

Fahad Sheikh
Fahad Sheikh

Fahad Sheikh – A Star to watch out for!

Following his success as a host, Fahad made his transition from being a host to an actor 4 years back in 2016 with his debut drama serial, “Teri Chah Mein” starring alongside Farhan Saeed, Maria Wasti and Saboor Aly. While people were still applauding for “Teri Chah Mein”, Fahad came up with another blockbuster drama serial ’’Mubarak Ho Beti Hui Hai’’ under the directorial work of Badar Mehmood starring alongside Saima Noor, Saboor Aly and Sajid Hasan.

Fahad Sheikh - Pakistani Actor
Fahad Sheikh

A fitness icon,, Fahad has a Youtube Channel to his name where he takes you to an inspirational body transformation journey along with exclusive behind the scenes videos of his drama serials. With his good looks and a fit demeanor, Fahad is a complete package to grace the television screens with his gifted art of acting and expressions that fit the scenes.

In a span of just 4 years, Fahad has worked in 12 drama series such as Mera Yaar Mila Day, Meraas, KhudParast, Badbakht and Haya Kay Rang to name a few. In all his dramas, his command of language in the form of excellent dialogue delivery coupled with the remarkable onscreen chemistry that he had with his co-stars, Aiman Khan, Hira Mani, Hajra Yamin, Zubab Rana, Saboor Aly and Minal Khan to name a few, stands out for the audience to applaud. His expressions depict his strong emotions which he brings to each of his projects

His recently aired drama serial ’’Bandish’’ showed Fahad playing the lead protagonist role along with the star actors Zubab Rana, Marina Khan, Hira Mani and Sajid Hasan. This drama was based on black magic and showed Fahad as the sole male lead. Fahad gained a stir of massive fan following from Bandish.

Fahad Sheikh and Zubab Rana
Fahad Sheikh and Zubab Rana from Drama Serial Bandish

Fahad Sheikh has two upcoming projects in the pipeline which are worth looking out for. They are the drama serial Dunk starring alongside Bilal Khan and Sana Javed and Ghamandi, starring Nazish Jehangir and Mohsin Abbas Haider. Interesting, his upcoming drama serial Dunk is by the ace director Badar Mehmood who has also directed the famous drama serial ’’Cheekh’’ starring Saba Qamar and Sheikh’s debut serial ‘‘Mubarak Ho Beti Hui Hai’’, making it all the more interesting to know what the duo of director and actor have in store for the audience yet again.

Fahad Sheikh Bilal Abbas Khan Badar mehmood
Badar Mehmood – Bilal Abbas Khan – Fahad Sheikh

In a short time, Fahad has made his name as a phenomenal and versatile actor, showing the art of his acting in a number of dramas to the now presently running drama serial Jalan.

Fahad Sheikh and Minal Khan in Jalan

In the race of drama serials and actors, Fahad Sheikh plays his part with his superb acting skills and splendid expressions, winning the hearts of his fans with his each drama serial.

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