Fahad Mustafa urges Mahira Khan to use her twitter for public service messages


Fahad Mustafa has urged Mahira Khan to give the message to people for the contributions in PM Imran Khan’s relief program.

Mahira Khan in the call took this responsibility and responded in a positive manner by urging people who are in good position to give funds into the charity.


The actress herself pledged to give her contribution in the relief fund. She says, ” everyone should actually donate as per his capacity, every penny matters at this time because we have to cope up with difficult situation in future as we are lacking in medical facilities and we also need money for provision of the food to underprivileged people”


Fahad Mustafa asked Mahira to post this message on her Twitter and Instagram.

Fahad Mustafa is hosting telethon along with Iqrar ul Hassan and Waseem Badami. Many of the influential personalities are pledging to contribute in PM’s relief program.

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