Fahad Mustafa announces jeeto Pakistan for Ramadan

Fahad Mustafa 7

Fahad Mustafa announces jeeto Pakistan for Ramadan

Fahad Mustafa has announced Jeeto Pakistan for Ramadan and this time the format of the show is a bit changed. We think that it has been reformulated keeping the social distancing in mind.

Fahad Mustafa 8
Fahad Mustafa

The Actor and host announced that this time the show would involve 5 big cities, 5 teams and 5 celebrity captains with a lot of games and fun.

On the other, many fans got happy that at least the show is happening. Most of the fans already have shown their concern that probably the show might not be happening in Ramadan but they got extremely happy to see the promo.

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Fahad Mustafa

On the other hand, many criticised the host and actor on doing show amid Corona crises but the thing is that these things have to go because actually a lot of staff and workers are attached with live shows and ultimately their bread and butter is the work, the only thing they need to do is to redesign the criterion by keeping social distancing in mind, which we think has been done as the format of the show has completely been changed.

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Fahad Mustafa

Let us see how Jeeto Pakistan will go in 2020?


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