Experiments to make Coronavirus vaccine started

coronavirus vaccine

The testing of the coronavirus vaccine has been started on humans in the UK. This is the first trial of the corona vaccine on humans in Europe, although the United States has already started testing the corona vaccine on humans in March.

According to a report by the British Broadcasting Corporation, the coronavirus vaccine developed by the scientists of Oxford University was given to two volunteers by injection.

Oxford invited applications from people between the ages of 18 and 55 to join the trial program, after which 800 volunteers were selected. Two of them were vaccinated today including a woman and a man.

Under the program, half of the volunteers will be vaccinated against the coronavirus and the other half will be vaccinated against meningitis instead of the corona. However, the volunteers will not know which vaccine they have been given. But doctors will have its record.

Alyssa Granato is the first European volunteer to be vaccinated against coronavirus and she is also a scientist. She says she is a scientist herself so she wanted to be part of this scientific process.

The vaccine was developed by a team led by Oxford University professor Sarah Gilbert in a short span of three months and she says she personally has high hopes for the success of the vaccine.