Ex Indian Major confesses About Terrorism in Balochistan

Terrorism in Balochistan

Ex Indian Major confesses about terrorism in Balochistan. India shamelessly and arrogantly admitted the terrorist attack in Balochistan yesterday.

Retired Indian Major Gowaru Arya said on Indian TV channel two days ago that Handwara was avenged in Balochistan and yesterday in an improvised explosive device (IED) attack by terrorists in the Balada area of ​​Ketch, 14 km from Pak-Iran border. 6 youths including a major were martyred.

Retired Indian Major Gowaru Arya said in the program of anti-Pakistan Indian TV channel Times Now’s anti-Pakistan anchor Arnab Goswami that ‘revenge of Handwara will not be in Pakistan but the revenge of Handwara will be taken in Balochistan in next 10 to 15 days. I am in touch with all the separatists in Balochistan. My mobile phone has the contact numbers of Bugti, Murree, Mengal chiefs, I will do with Pakistan what ten generations will remember.

Retired Indian Major Gowaru Arya threatened a terrorist attack in Balochistan and told Pakistanis participating in the program that if not today, then after ten years, Balochistan will be a separate country and you will have to go there with a passport. “We stand with the separatists.”

Threatening shamelessly and arrogantly, retired Major Gowaru Arya says, “Tell me which address is needed in Dera Bugti. There will be so much bloodshed inside Balochistan that the Pakistani army will have to carry a passport in a few years.”

Retired Indian Major Gowaru Arya, who has threatened Pakistan and confessed to supporting terrorism in Balochistan, has the blessings of the Indian establishment. Arya can be seen in various videos and photos meeting and briefing the top Indian military leadership.

The open confession of a retired Indian army officer and the terrorist attack on an FC vehicle in Balochistan yesterday have confirmed India’s involvement in the province and its involvement in terrorism in Balochistan.

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