Ertugrul producer hints at joint ventures in future


Mehmet Bozdag the producer and the screen writer of famous series Ertugrul has hinted to make projects with Pakistan he said that we  should  share our experiences with Pakistan and they should share theirs with us, and together we can sign and make  world-shaking deals.


The drama has broken all the records in Pakistan and has brought the biggest viewership in the world from Pakistan and it’s keep on increasing day by day. Remember the record is based on Thirty days, while in Turkey it aired and uploaded 5 years ago. Ertugrul has broken all the records in thirty days in Pakistan.


The producer of the drama said that Muslims should not only work together but also do business and do investments .

He said that he is surprised that why they did not make any collaborations till this day . We call each other brother countries and we haven’t signed any deal yet in culture and arts ,” said Bozdag, referring to Turkey and Pakistan.


He said that we should now focus on working together, he further said that he expected that series will get attention in Pakistan but he hadn’t the idea that it will become huge in such a short time span.

He emphasised that he is especially happy that the show is popular in Pakistan.

“Even if Turkey and Pakistan have separate borders, the souls are of one nation,” he said.

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