Edhi and Chippa announce closure of morgues and cold storage


After the Edhi Foundation, due to the Coronavirus, now the Chippa Welfare Foundation has also closed morgues and no service will be provided there.

The head of the Foundation, Ramazan Chhipa, said that many people were keeping corpses of corona dies while it is a disease that is spreading. We cannot put such dead bodies in our cold boxes or it will be handled by our staff. Bathing these dead bodies can also affect the visitor and other citizens coming in. We have closed our morgues since Sunday afternoon to prevent its spread.

Edhi Foundation seeks help from charity for needy people
Meanwhile, the Edhi Foundation appealed to help the poor affected by the lockdown. Foundation head Faisal Abdul Sattar Edhi has said that the 15-day lockdown to prevent Coronavirus across the country is causing severe economic hardship. There are millions of affected families. The Edhi Foundation stands with these people in this hour of hardship.

He said that in this regard, one can deposit his zakat, donations, charity at any Edhi Welfare Center. For a family, the cost of a 15-day ration bag is Rs 2000.

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