Dr Zakir Naik says watching Ertugrul is Haram

Dr Zakir Naik

Dr Zakir Naik says watching Ertugrul is Haram.

There is a new controversy in town when Dr Zakir Naik has come with a notion that watching Ertigrul is Haram as it is an entertainment program and involves actors and entertainment factor but he also said that it’s not as Haram as watching Bollywood or Hollywood content because they are much obscene.

Dr Zakir Naik

Probably he is talking about it just being a Turkish series. Usually Turkish series are not censored and have a lot of obscenity in them and obviously, Pakistan Television airs the dramas after a strict censorship which is good and as per our values. So on PTV, it can’t be inappropriate.

Dr Zaki Naik said,

“I would suggest to those who’re not watching Ertugrul to noy watch it because it’s Haram” says ZakirNaik.

Dr Zakir Naik

  He further says “Etrugrul is not like Bollywood/Hollywood movies it doesn’t have those bigger Harams “

What do you guys think of it?

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