Dow University research team makes medicine for treatment of coronavirus

treatment of coronavirus

Dow University experts claim making of medicine for treatment of coronavirus. Pakistani scientists have been instrumental in the fight against the Coronavirus, and experts at Dow University have claimed to produce antibodies (intravenous immuno-globulin) to treat Corona.

According to the Dow University of Health Sciences spokeswoman, the University has led the world by producing globulin for the treatment of Corona virus. Experts at the University of Dow have developed intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) from antibodies obtained from coronavirus patients to treat Corona victims.

Dr. Shaukat Ali of the University of Dow said that this method involves the immuno-globulin being prepared after separation of antibodies found in the blood of a healthy patient from Corona.

This method is quite different from the treatment of plasma therapy. experts have successfully saved the hyper-immunoglobulin obtained by laboratory testing and its safety in animals on experimental basis injection vials.

The Dow University team was initially able to collect blood samples in March 2020, then chemically isolate the antibodies from its plasma, purify it, and subsequently concentrate these antibodies through ultra-filter techniques.

Experts will now seek approval from the federal government’s Drug Regulatory Authority and the Bioethics Committee, after which a clinical trial will be launched on humans. It can be a landmark achievement in treatment of coronavirus patients.

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