Donald Trump reiterates offer to mediate on Kashmir


US President Donald Trump reiterates offer to mediate on Kashmir.
According to details, during the visit to India, US President Donald Trump once again offered Pakistan India mediation during a press conference with Indian PM Narendra Modi.

Indian journalists tried to get the US president to hold anti-Pakistan talks however, US President Donald Trump praised Pakistan. Donald Trump described Prime Minister Imran Khan as a good man and said he had good relations with him.

The US president said that everyone, including Pakistan, wants peace in Afghanistan. After 19 years they want to see the army back in their homeland. We’re not in favor of killing people despite being in power.

On the question about Russia, Donald Trump said that I do not know Russia’s interference in the next US elections. ”I have done action against extremism and ISIS, which didn’t happen in the past,” he added.

Earlier last month in Davos, US President Donald Trump offered to mediate on Kashmir once again, saying that he is ready to play a role in mediation between Pakistan and India.

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