Donald Trump praises Pakistan while addressing a packed rally in India


US President Donald Trump arrived in India. He dismissed the Indian accusations against Pakistan in addressing Ahmedabad Stadium and said we have ended terrorism with the help of Pakistan.

According to details, US President Donald Trump arrived in India with his wife and addressed at Ahmedabad Stadium, saying that Narendra Modi was a tea seller at Ahmedabad city stall and now he has become a successful leader and prime minister of India.

Trump praised Pakistan and said it had good relations with Pakistan. We’re working with Pakistan against terrorism. Our Relations with Pakistan have improved significantly and the measures have resulted in reduction of tensions in the South Asian region. We Expect prosperity and development in the region.

On the arrival of US President Donald Trump in India, the Modi government has taken strange and childish steps for the pleasure of Trump. To hide the poverty spread on India’s horizons, a wall has been built in front of the slums on the Trump route in Ahmedabad.

Most importantly, a powerful force has been set up to protect the US president from the monkey attack. The Monkey Force, consisting of seven hundred personnel, will protect President Trump from monkeys during his visit to the Taj Mahal.

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