Doctors oppose the decision of mosques opening

doctors press conference

Doctors oppose the decision of mosques opening by the government. The doctors of Pakistan Medical Association In a press conference appealed to the religious scholars to revisit their recent decision about the opening of the mosques as it can cause major damage.

The first case that appeared in Pakistan was on February 26 and now Pakistan has more than 10 thousand active cases with 228 deaths with daily cases appearing and this all happened with the lock-down going on.

Dr. Bari pointed out that since Taraweeh is not part of Farz Ibadah so it should be offered at home. Saudi Arabia has reduced the number of Rak’ahs of Taraweeh due to corona crises. Worshipers will not be allowed to join prayers at Masjid Ul Haram and Masjid Ul Nabvi.

Pakistan Medical Association general secretary Dr. Qaiser Sajjad has said that the government and the Ulema of Pakistan have taken the wrong decision about the congregational prayers because the people will spend more time in close gatherings this way.

But it is cleared by Prime Minister of Pakistan that the mosques which will not follow the SOPs would be closed right away. He warned that it will be too late if the government will not reconsider this decision of congregational prayers.

Earlier, the government had allowed the opening of mosques in Ramadan. The religious scholars have to implement 20 SOPs. Now, Doctors oppose the decision of mosques opening by the government. Doctors have appealed religious scholars to review the decision of the opening of mosques.