Details and Key Points of Historic Peace Deal


According to a joint statement issued by the United States and the Afghan government, US forces will withdraw from Afghanistan in 14 months, and the plan will be subject to the implementation of peace agreement by the Taliban.

The peace agreement between the Afghan Taliban and the United States consists of 4 points which are as follows.

1)The agreement will be implemented immediately. All US and NATO forces will be withdrawn from Afghanistan in 14 months. In the first 135 days, the United States will reduce the number of its troops in Afghanistan to 8600, as well as the number of coalition forces will be reduced with the same proportion.

2)Under the agreement, prisoners will also be exchanged. 5,000 Taliban prisoners and 1,000 Afghan security forces will be released till 10th March 2020 and talks between the Afghan government and the Afghan Taliban will begin immediately after that.

3)According to the agreement, the United States will lift the sanctions imposed on the Afghan Taliban and urge the UN to lift the sanctions imposed on Taliban leaders.

4)Under the agreement, the Afghan Taliban will ensure that Afghan soil is not used against the United States and its allies.

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