Deosai’s Shaosar lake is open for tourism now

After the end of the lockdown due to corona by the government, the beautiful Lake Shaosar of Deosai has been re opened for the tourism.

These days, tourists are turning crazy for the travel and visiting different beautiful places of Pakistan and Shaosar lake is one them, it has a scenic beauty that attracts the tourists and it spell bounds the visitors.

The blue water and the breathtaking views of life are the hallmarks of the beautiful Lake Shaosar. Tourists enjoy camping here and the summer time is best for visiting these areas because in winters usually these places become snow-clad.

Tourists who came to see Shaosar lake said that the beauty of this lake amazes the eyes and captivates the heart.

Tourists say that there are hundreds of stepping-stones in the area. Those who come here believe that there is no comparison to the beauty of divinity. 

While tourists can feel the waves of the water on the shores of the lake, these unforgettable moments are captured on their cameras as well.

Government has opened the tourism after that locals have started rushing northern areas but they say that after covid-19 a second wave is expected so that people should follow SOP's. 

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