Corona Relief Tiger Force and It’s responsibilities


Corona Relief Tiger Force and It’s responsibilities:
The formation of the Prime Minister Corona Relief Tiger Force will begin on March 31st on the Citizen Portal.

According to the Ministry of Youth Affairs, the Ministry has started work on Corona Relief Tiger Force. The digital form is ready and will be uploaded to the Citizen Portal on March 31. Details like name, address, age, mobile number, union council, and district will be included in the digital form.

The ministry said that the registration of volunteers for the Corona relief Tigers Force will be completed by April 10, when the force will be formed in each union council.

According to the Ministry of Youth Affairs, young people over the age of 18 will be able to register in the Corona Relief Tigers Force. Corona Tigers will be able to register young people of all political parties in the force while the force will work under the Deputy Commissioners of all districts, all over the country. Data will be shared with the Deputy Commissioners of the districts.

The ministry added that the Corona Relief Tiger Force will operate dynamically in the event of a complete lockdown or curfew, while the force will supply rations and food to homes in case of an emergency, while the force will be able to detect storage nationwide.

 According to the Youth Affairs Ministry, volunteers will also monitor corona patients at the Quarantine Centers.

It should be noted that Prime Minister Imran Khan has repeatedly opposed the lockdown across the country and said that the supply chain will suffer due to the lockdown that will cause the people to suffer from food shortages.

The Prime Minister announced the establishment of a force to provide ration to people’s homes during the Coronavirus.

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