Comedy King Aman Ullah passed away


Actor and comedian Amanullah passed away today , he was a very well-known comedian of stage, TV and film. He was admitted to hospital for kidney and breathing problems. Amanullah has been in the hospital in Lahore for the past several days. He was known as King of Comedy.

Born in Lahore in the 1950, the comedian Amanullah has started working in the stage dramas during his early age. He did 860 stage dramas. He was  associated with Dunia News’ comedy show Mazaaqraat . He also participated in the comedy shows Khabarzar, Khabar naak and Khabar Yaar .


Amanullah Khan is labeled  to be the founder of stand-up comedy in Pakistan, with millions of fans present in Pakistan and abroad. Amanullah was awarded the Presidential Award in recognition of his services in art and acting in 2018. He entertained fans with his acting in Pakistani films ‘Na maloom Afrad’ and ‘One two ka One’.

In January, Amanullah was admitted to a hospital in a critical condition after having pneumonia, where he was kept in the ICU and the hospital administration placed him on a ventilator.

His family urged to the fans to pray for his rewards . May Allah grant higher ranks above there and give patience to his family to bear the loss. Indeed it is a huge loss of the whole nation , Aman Ullah was our great asset.