China releases animated video in reply to the Trump allegations

Trump allegations

China releases an animated video in reply to the Trump allegations. President Donald Trump has accused China of spreading the coronavirus to the United States to defeat him in the November presidential election.

In an interview with the World News Agency, he once again accused China of conspiracy, saying that presidential elections are going to be held in November, and China did not want me to win this time as well. That’s why he didn’t control the coronavirus.
The president added that China could go to any extent to defeat him and that allowing the Coronavirus epidemic to spiral out of control, misrepresentation, and concealment of facts is open evidence that China wishes American people to hate me.

A statement issued by the Chinese Foreign Ministry called President Trump’s claim “false and ridiculous” and said that China is not interested in interfering in the US election and it was not its prerogative. The devastation of the coronavirus epidemic in the United States is due to mismanagement. ”The US President should pay attention to it.”

It should be noted that US President Donald Trump has blamed China for the Coronavirus epidemic from the very beginning and has always called the coronavirus as China virus, but China has strongly denied all Trump allegations.

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