China discharges 36,117 recovered patients of coronavirus

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In China, more than 36,000 recovered patients of coronavirus returned home after getting treatment of coronavirus so far. Only 3,000 people were discharged from hospitals the last day.

According to international media, there are some signs of improvement in the deadly coronavirus in China. In China, 3322 people affected by the coronavirus were discharged from hospitals after treatment.

Chinese authorities say that 36,180 people affected by the coronavirus have recovered so far. The death toll from the coronavirus has also started to rise in China, with 44 more deaths in China last day, and the lowest rate of casualties since January.

In addition, a further 327 people have been confirmed with the coronavirus in the previous year, which was 433 the previous day. World Health Organization head Ted Ross says this is a time for global action against coronavirus.

He said that the coronavirus could become a global epidemic. We are in critical condition right now. The governments of the affected countries are taking emergency measures. We need to develop an action plan.

Current number of recovered patients of coronavirus : 36,117

It is to be remembered that the news of recoveries from China, the epicenter of the virus, comes as the world fights a global outbreak of the disease. While cases are being reported in the United States (US), Europe and the Middle East. Pakistan has also confirmed the presence of virus with the first two cases.

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