Chief Justice directs govt to remove Dr Zafar Mirza as health minister

remove Dr Zafar Mirza

The Supreme Court has asked the Government to remove Dr. Zafar Mirza. Supreme Court has directed the government to remove Dr Zafar Mirza due to dissatisfaction over his performance amid coronavirus pandemics.

A five-member bench headed by the Chief Justice of Pakistan in the Supreme Court heard a self-notice on government actions related to Corona, in which the Attorney General appeared before the court. At the commencement of the hearing, Chief Justice Pakistan expressed outrage on the government’s performance.

Justice Gulzar Ahmed Rane remarked that you have not done anything yet. There is an army of ministers and advisors, but nothing is being done. Advisers have been given the status of federal ministers. Allegedly corrupt people have been appointed as advisors.

The Chief Justice has inquired what Zafar Mirza is at this time and what is his potential? We had ordered that the Parliament do legislation. Parliament is working all over the world. The questions raised in the previous order of the court hasn’t been answered. Zafar Mirza did not follow the judicial instructions.

Justice Gulzar gave further remarks that see the volume of the cabinet. Why there is a need of 49 members? Advisers and assistants have occupied the entire cabinet. So much cabinet means that the Prime Minister knows nothing.

Chief Justice Pakistan said that SC is not satisfied with Zafar Mirza’s performance and will order him to be removed today. Supreme court directed government to remove Dr Zafar Mirza.

On this occasion, the Attorney General said that removing Zafar Mirza would be devastating on this occasion. Don’t remove him in the half flight. The court should leave his case to the government. According to government sources, SC has only directed government to remove Dr Zafar Mirza. It’s not an order.