Celebrities are sending support to TikTok star Ghani Tiger

Ghani Tiger

Social media is outpouring with the Condolences to Ghani Tiger.

Social Media , Actor and stars are expressing their grief and the sorrow over the brutal murder of Ghani Tiger’s father.  Ghani Tiger is a famous Pakistani TikTok star whose father was brutally murdered in front of his eyes.

Ghani Tiger 7

His brother was also shot in his leg who is injured and is still in hospital.

He has identified the group of people who attacked his father also has narrated the incident in which his father was brutally murdered.

He urged people to help him in getting justice for his father.

Social media and actors are recording their condemnation on the brutal act and urging authorities to bring justice to the poor soul who lost his life in this incident.

Media personalities says that their heart goes out to Ghani Tiger and they are raising voice for him.

Ghani Tiger 8
Ghani Tiger 9
Ghani Tiger 10

Here are the Screen shots and the video.

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