Bushra Ansari’s harsh comment for Lubna Faryad is not pleasing at all

Bushra Ansari's harsh comment for Lubna Faryad is not pleasing at all

Bushra Ansari Lashes out unnecessarily at Lubna Faryad AKA Amman who does a famous show on YouTube Amman TV or Main. The show comes on Galaxy Lollywood where she fearlessly discuss flawed script and flawed execution of prime time dramas as a common viewer. The respected reviewer has said a thousand times that she has been doing it clear and fair.


Recently, she discussed flaws, continuity issues, content and acting of many dramas including Jhooti, Dilruba, Raaz e ulfat and ishqiya but all the actors, directors took it as criticism.


Currently, she reviewed first three episodes of Zebaesh ,which were extremely flawed  . She bravely expressed that she didn’t like its writing and direction. Previously, Lubna Faryad also told that she desperately waited for Zebaesh because she is a huge Bushra Ansari fan.


Bushra Ansari, on the other hand,  took the criticism so seriously and responded back with full aggression by lashing out at Lubna individually, she called her paindu, Jelous, gutter reviewer , Corona and a lot of things. The audience wasn’t expecting this much low from Bushra Ansari and the audience love Lubna Faryad as well. It’s also worth noted that Bushra posted the writing and deleted it , but it was captured by fans.


Audience are of the view that Zebaesh for sure is a flawed script with bad execution and Bushra needs to develop nerve to bear criticism for that .

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