Bold content rejected by Pakistanis in Pakistani dramas

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Bold and Vulgar content in Pakistani dramas is being rejected by audiences now, they want to only see quality content.

Pakistani dramas have gained a name and stature with the passage of time through it’s storytelling and narratives. Dramas like Durreshehwar, Diyar e dil, humsafar, Zindagi gulzar hey, Dastaan, Meri Zaat Zara e benishan, Qaid e tanhai and many others added to the drama industry. Dramas made on cause like Udaari ,Meri Guriya, Damsa, Muqabil were also thoughtful and were accepted but what happened to the industry now?

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Game of Ratings has changed whole scenario, now over the top and away from reality content is being injected in people through a constant dose of the dramas in which sister in law flirts with brother in law, a step father in law flirts with daughter in law, a sister stabs her real sister in her back  for the same guy. A brother develops feelings for the wife of his brother and marries him. The production teams have gotten all the ratings but the ratings are not the only gain they had ; they have gotten a lot of criticism and bashing. The viewers are now simply comparing each and every drama with Ertugrul. The audience is of the view that Ertugrul got popularity in Pakistan just because of its quality of content, the essence of Islam, its values and good production.

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Many Actors seemed insecure from Ertugrul and started bashing the drama and their actors.  Shaan Shahid, Yasir Hussain, Reema and many more actors indulged in feuds over Ertugrul. Audience in comments openly say that Pakistani industry needs to stop showing dramas like Jalan, nand, hassad and piyar kay sadqay.

However, the drama Nand, Mera dil Mera dushman are not bold but revolves around cruelty and family politics which according to audience are same old topics.

They say that our actors should invest in productions rather than to invest in criticism.

PEMRA also bans Pyar kay sadqay and Jalan on showing extra marital affairs which is definitely a crime. They said that it is forbidden to repeat these dramas on TV

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