Bilal Ashraf is all praise for Ertugrul

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Bilal Ashraf is all praise for Ertugrul

Bilal Ashraf has a lot to praise about Ertugrul the Janan actor is of the view that we need dramas like Ertugrul. He said that he is much happier that it is being introduced to the local audience which is a biggest achievement and needs to be appreciated.


He wrote on his Instagram ,

“ERTUGRUL is brilliant. Great story and awesome production. Happy to see it was introduced to the local audiences. Film/ Drama is a form of art and needs to be appreciated regardless of where it was made 

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 What do you guys think? “


He further asked from fans to tell their views about it. Fans praised the airing of the Series and said that they were sick and tired of same old house hold  stories they needed a change and Ertugrul is really setting up the mark


Fans said that we also need to work on such ideas and script  .

Many other producers and actors have now started to think about making a series like Ertugrul after its massive success . Here is screen shot of fans’ views


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