Bilal Abbas’s routine during quarantine


Our favourite Cheekh Actor Bilal Abbas is spending time in a rough and tough manner at home during these quarantine holidays. The actor told that he hasn’t shaved the face and didn’t set hair. He further took a jibe in a funny way at his father who was doing exercise at home, he said, “see this guy, I need this motivation in life” .

His father replied, “Shut up” to the actor’s sarcastic poke. 


The video took internet by storm when he posted it on Instagram. All the fan pages of Bilal Abbas are posting it.

Besides this, the actor has also given a message on the serious note that we must stay at home to stop the widespread of pandemic, the actor said that this has to end and it will only be possible if all of you will stay home.

The Pyar kay Sadqay actor is looking cool in his rough and tough looks. Bilal Abbas ‘s drama Pyar kay sadqay with Yumna Zaidi is on air now a days and getting much popularity due to the epic chemistry of both the actors. Both the actors have validated themselves into perfect performers. The actors’ couple instantly got popular right after hitting the screens.


One of the complaint the actor’s fans has is that he has become choosy and selective. Most of the actors are also of the view that being choosy in start of the career is not good for learning, the learning is through doing many characters.

here is his video

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