Ayeza Khan talks about the stardom

Ayeza khan

TV Actress Ayeza Khan says that success never gets on to her nerves she said ” I know how to handle it because ultimately I know I have to live and stay in people and there will be the time when you might be on your low and that is when your pride and arrogance about your stardom hurt you the most “

Ayeza Khan
Ayeza Khan

She also said that one should not get affected by fame because it is a temporary thing. She said that she never wanted to be no.1 and she is not in to competition,  she said that she wants to remain in the middle .

Ayeza Khan
Ayeza Khan

She said “I am the person who gives the time to family even when I am working, I always take two days off and I don’t do shootings at night because I give my time to my kids “

We agree to that we never saw her in so many  promotions, shows and interviews.

The actress claimed that she just came into Ramadan transmission just because of Reema Ji.

Ayeza Khan

She also did not go to USA with team of Mere Paas Tum Ho which clearly tells us about her priority, which for sure is her family.

We love the actress for her humility and modesty.

Ayeza Khan

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