Asim Azhar replied fan’s query about Ali Zafar


Our very favourite singer Asim Azhar replied to a fan’s query about Ali Zafar singing the PSL song on public demand.

The fan on twitter asked the singer Asim Azhar about Ali Zafar’s upcoming song for PSL. The fan asked Asim ” don’t you feel insulted about Ali Zafar’s singing another PSL song “. 

Recently , Ali Zafar has announced to sing a song for PSL on the high demand of Ary News anchor Waseem Badami and public in his show Her Lamha Purjosh .

It is worth mentioning here that it all started from Waseem Badami’s show where Ali Azmat opened up about hidden conspiracies by some singers .


The singer replied to his fan ” Ismay insult ki kya baat hai. He’s my senior & I respect him for the work he’s done. I’d be more than happy to support anything for the betterment of Pakistan. Yehi tou masla hai. Hum aapas mai hi batay hue hain. Aik dusray ko support karnay ki zarurat hai “. 


He said that he respect him being  senior why would he be jealous.  He further said that we should lift each other up rather than doing leg pulling.

Ali Zafar has retweeted Asim Azhar’s reply with a heart emoji. Asim Azhar has sung the song for PSL 5th edition which was criticized by his fans. Later on, Asim Azhar has confided  and apologised to his fans on not coming up to their expectations .

He also took to Twitter and reminded fans that the annual anthems are not sung as “competition” with each other , while referring to Ali Zafar’s hit song abh Khail Jamey Ga.

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