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Arnold Schwarzenegger invites PM Imran Khan to Austrian World Summit


Renowned actor Arnold Schwarzenegger has invited Prime Minister Imran Khan to join the Austria World Summit as a climactic action hero.

According to details, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s efforts to protect the environment are acknowledged globally. Hollywood’s leading actor Arnold Schwarzenegger wrote to Prime Minister Imran, in which he invited Imran Khan to attend the Austrian World Summit.

Arnold Schwarzenegger called the Prime Minister a Climate Action Hero in the letter and said that leaders who promote the message of environmental protection are being invited to the summit. You have become our strong partner in environmental protection.

The letter states that your participation is necessary to inform the world of environmental protection. Important meetings will be held with the Head of States including the President of Austria.

The letter has been received by the Prime Minister Imran Khan. The final decision to attend the summit will be made in the next few days. Arnold Schwarzenegger has been part of several campaigns for environmental protection.

Remember, the well-known American journal Time magazine acknowledged Prime Minister Imran Khan’s efforts for the environment. The magazine had published Prime Minister Imran Khan’s image on the cover with five personalities in the world translating the environment.

Pictures of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, European Central Bank President Christine Legard and Amazon boss Jeff Bezos were also featured on the cover of the World Journal in collaboration with the World Economic Forum.